Yin Mindfulness Retreat

Retreat will be conducted at Changi Village Hotel. Participants are require to stay at the hotel and will be assigned to a twin sharing room. 2 nights hotel stay/2 x breakfast/2 x dinner will be included, 1 x lunch will be on own. Please note the entire retreat will be conducted in Mandarin.

Yin Mindfulness Yoga is the slow pace and quiet practice that draws our focus inwards connecting to the true essence of ourselves. As the pace of our lifestyle, both work and play, becomes increasingly faster, finding stillness and the sense of equilibrium becomes harder and harder. It is a meditative practice consisting of long held stretches without muscle tension, focusing on the inner tissues of our body - strengthening, stretching and stimulating to encourage more exibility and freedom of movement. By practicing so, it releases deep tension of the body and relaxes the nervous system.

Chris Su is a Certified Yoga Trainer by Yoga Alliance. He graduated from Yoga Vidya Gurukul University of Hatha Yoga in India. He studied Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Josh Summers and Sebastian Pucelle, His primary meditation teacher is Master Shin Shen. Chris Su recently co-founded the Yin Mindfulness Immersion, a mindfulness-based strategy firm and he co-wrote The Yin Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation, Strategies for Enlightened Living.

As his interest in Vipassana or Insight Meditation has developed, so too has his interest in more contemplative forms of yoga practice. With a professional background in Chinese Medicine and personal passion for the dharma, Chris Su fell in love with Yin Yoga as a beautiful synthesis of these two interests.

Chris's yoga and mindfulness meditation courses emphasise safety, the cultivation of moment-to-moment awareness and the potential for freedom in the here and now.

Gepz Studio is very honor to have Master Chris Su to hold his 3 days Yin Yoga Retreat with us. The tickets sale comes togather with 3 days 2 nights stay at Changi Village Hotel and meal. Below is the program for the retreat

6th April - Gepz Studio (Complimentary Session)
7.30pm - 9pm - Yin Mindfulness Yoga Master Class

7th April - Changi Village Hotel
2pm - 4pm - Participants checking in hotel
4pm - 6pm - Opening/ Ice-breaking
630pm - Dinner outside of hotel
8pm - 9pm - Yin Yoga - Breathing exercise and Relaxing Series
9pm onwards - Free and Easy

8th April - Changi Village Hotel
7am - 830am - Insight Flow Yoga
830am - 930am - Breakfast at Village Hotel
10am - 12noon - Mindfulness Talk Session ( What's Mindfulness @
how to apply it in our daily life? - In Mandarin)
12noon - 130pm - Self Lunch
2pm - 6pm - Self-study session ( Chris will open up this session for
interview for whose want to talk or ask questions)
630pm - Dinner outside of hotel
8pm - 930pm - Yin Yoga - Detox Series
930pm onwards - Free and easy

9th April - Changi Village Hotel
7am - 830am - Insight Flow Yoga
830am - 930am - Breakfast at Village Hotel
1000am - 1130am - Mindfulness sharing and feedback session
12noon - Check out

Interested participants can read up more below for more information;

6th April - Yin Mindfulness Yoga Master Class (Class will be
conduct in Mandarin)

In this 1.5-hour Yin Mindfulness Yoga Master class, combining Yin Yoga and Mindfulness, you’ll learn skills to notice, accept and let go of 'positive and negative' thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, thus creating opportunities to handle or deal with your experiences differently.

We begin with a guided meditation, in which we become aware of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, while watching the breath. Subsequently, in the Yin Yoga sequence, by remaining for 3 minutes or longer in various poses, we are confronted with our habitual patterns, limits and blockages on an emotional, physical and mental level, encouraging the body to relax completely and accepting everything as it appears from moment to moment. A pose can sometimes trigger intense effects, and if this occurs, we learn not drop any judgement and meet our limits with loving kindness and compassion. The practice will finish with the energetic effects of a well-deserved relaxation. The Master class will conclude with a Mindfulness meditation that softens and opens our heart to ourself and others with a sense of connectedness.

The combination of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness brings you closer to yourself, hydrates your joints, stimulates your overall energy and opens the connective tissues of your hips, legs, lower back and torso.

This Master class is open to all level of those who are looking for connection, relaxation and friendliness, regardless of age, body type or level of fitness. Suitable for total beginners as well as advanced yoga and/or meditation practitioners.

What to bring:
Your own yoga mat and some easy-to-carry props such as: blanket (for relaxation), blocks, a belt and possibly a bolster. Consider what you may need during your Yin yoga practice.

7th to 9th April - Yin Yoga Retreat (Class will be conduct in
“ Yin Yoga is for everybody, of all ages, styles and backgrounds.”

Yin Yoga is an inside journey through the body. It finds stillness within and can be a meditative form of yoga. Most poses/asana’s focus on the lower part of the body, where a lot of tension are being hold when one spends much time sitting on a chair all day. In Yin Yoga one gets into a pose and stay there for 3-5 minutes, sometimes even longer. By putting temporary and stationary stress on the body one could reach to the deeper layers of the connective tissue and the fascia which are not normally affected during the active forms of yoga (yang). However we need both to find a balance.

Benefits of Yin Mindfulness Yoga
♦ Calm and balance to the mind and body
♦ Increase mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips
♦ Regulate energy in the body
♦ Learn to let go & surrender into what is
♦ Improve digestion
♦ lubricate and protect of joints
♦ Lower of stress levels
♦ Promote flexibility in joints & connective tissue
♦ Help with TMJ and migraines
♦ Regulate the nervous system, promoting relaxation and better
♦ Enhance ability to sit for meditation
♦ Reduce stress & anxiety by activating the parasympathetic
nervous system

Yin Yoga Practice – Breathing exercise and relaxing series
In this section, Chris Su will guide you with a breathing technique that will journey through physical, emotional and mental layers ending up in re-connected with your inner self. By this simple, natural and accessible breathing practice, you will experience inner calmness which may lead to peaceful healing effect. This process when combined with Yin Relaxing asanas will smooth your sub-conscious mind, releasing blockages and tensions which have been building up in your busy and fast paced lifestyle.

Insight Flow Yoga
In this morning practice, Chris Su will blend the gentle practice of Insight Flow with an intention to cultivate an inner atmosphere of ease and vitality – These qualities are essential for compassion and insight to grow.

Mindfulness Talk Session
The topic of this lecture is – how to release tension and pressure from today’s lifestyle. In a society where faster pace of lifestyle prevail, lots of people are suffering from physical and emotional stress and may lead to body illness and mental distress. Even though they are aware that this hustle and bustle way of life is not good for health and try to do something about it, however it is not easy to find effective ways to achieve inner harmony. In this session, Chris Su will be sharing a how-to technique with you so that you can apply it in your daily life.

Self-study session
Participants are required to have their own time to study and experience their own peace. This session will be called “Silent space”. This could be achieved through sitting meditation, walking meditation or other activities like reading a book, breathing and yoga practice..etc. On the same time, Chris Su will be having a discussion session for who those want to ask question.

Yin Yoga - Detox Series
Chris Su will share how to cultivate healthier subtle body through both Yin Yoga-Detox Series practices (which will be focusing on poses that promote personal health and immunity through nourishing the Kidney and Bladder channels), and a seated position through mindfulness breathing. He will also explore with you how to envision living our lives with abundance of loving-kindness with the practice of Maitri in a guided visualisation.

Mindfulness sharing
On the last day of this retreat, participants are required to share their experiences, it can be from the past to present experience. Chris Su will also share you the skill on how to find inner peace and happiness. To him, retreat is not just a simple way to relax, but a meaningful journey for everyone, and he hope that every participant will bring back home lots of beautiful and pleasant memory.

This sharing session will be the great part for everyone to share their true feeling.
Apr 7 - Apr 9, 2017
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
2:00 PM - 12:00 PM SGT
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